Breeder of Quality PRE Andalusian Horses


For 26 years, I have been adoring and living with my Andalusian horses here in Denton, Texas. I was very fortunate to discover the magic of this breed and early on, acquire horses closely descended from Spanish imports. Since then, over 450 horses have left a mark on my life - either that I have owned, bred, sold or boarded. Just as amazingly, I cannot count the number of very close friends who have come into my life because of coming to meet my horses. We stand our stallions to a few approved outside mares and I will never tire of foaling out our mares, with youngsters almost always for sale. Our farm is situated on 156 acres of pasture, approximately 35 minutes north of the Dallas / Fort Worth airport. We enjoy a casual and down-to-earth approach to horse breeding and raising babies.

Our Horses

Our Stallions

Currently standing at stud Gitano MOR, our pure Spanish black/bay Andalusian stallion and Kairo, black pure Spanish, IALHA registered, ANCCE revised stallion

Our Mares

Pure Spanish and Pure Spanish-Portuguese Mares

Sales List

Herradura Andalusian and Pure Spanish Horses for sale. Young horses, as well as in-utero options.