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Stallions at Stud:  If you have previously checked in, you may recall that I was downsizing the number of horses as I expect to be moving to a smaller property in the future. It is hard to put into words how thankful I am to the many people who purchased a large number of my horses this spring and so now I am down to only a few for sale.

Now being down to the lowest number of horses I've had in at least 15 years, we intend to shower our beloved horses with even more attention and to make up the revenue on not producing as many foals, be more open to outside breedings by our stallions. Thank you for viewing our information and please let me know if I can provide any other information or you can come and meet us all in person.

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Forms: Live Cover Purebred * Live Cover Halfbred * Shipped for Purebred

Gitano MOR (At Stud)

Gitano MOR is our March 2000 pure Spanish black/bay Andalusian stallion, who we imported from the breeding farm of Abelardo Morales when he was a weanling. It is hard to decide what is most stunning ... Read More ...
Gitano photo of Andalusian stallion  

Hereje (Reference Stallion)

Of all of the Andalusian horses on my farm, each one of whom I love so passionately, Hereje is my ultimate soul-mate, perhaps because he was the first colt I ever raised. Imported from Mexico as a youngster ... Read More ...
photo of Andalusian stallion photo of Andalusian stallion photo of Andalusian stallion

Pinturero (Frozen Semen Available)

If there is ever a gentleman with whom you cannot help but fall in love, it is Pinturero! A striking silver Andalusian stallion who was imported from Spain, Pinturero was bred by the famous Urquijo stud ... Read More.
picture of pinturero picture of pinturero

Remate (Reference Stallion/Deceased)

Words cannot describe how grateful I am that the great Remate joined my Andalusian stallion herd. He was the Grand National Champion stallion at the first IALHA Nationals that I ever attended in 1993 ... Read More.
picture of remate picture of remate

Wanapum (In Dressage Training)

Pure Spanish, revised son of 16.3 hand Competidor XIII who Ami MacHugh imported from Spain. I fell in love with Compe the minute I saw his first photos... Read More ...
 Wanapum Wanapum

Kairo (At Stud)

... He is the son of Kianto,  who has produced numerous national champion performance and halter horses and out of Alegria AK who carries old lines going back to Legionario III and Temerario V ... Read More ...