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Special Sales Announcement
I may have emailed some of you but we have had tragic news that Valente has a serious health condition. He had surgery on 1/19/15 and may need treatment for many months. Naturally, after his 20 years of being my partner in all things horsey, I will continue to pay him but with my own arthritis issues, I will need extra help and thus another salary. As soon as I can afford it, I will send Kairo to my friend who trains to Grand Prix as I can no longer ride him myself to at least exercise.

As a result, I am offering some mares for sale. Most of my mares are so pregnant that they could not leave soon and I am contemplating for anyone interested, I will keep the spring, 2015 foal and sell the mare to leave in the fall when their spring, 2015 babies are weaned. This spring, I will breed them back, if requested by a buyer, to either Gitano or Kairo. Therefore, there are months until fall weaning if someone needed to make payments. Once I am able to help Valente's family, pay the additional salary, trainers to ride the stallions, farrier that Valente usually does, etc., I may withdraw any or all of the mares from consideration for sale.

All have been only broodmares and never ridden. They have never been shod, always lived in a herd, have good manners to load in trailers, for feet, vet exams for pregnancy related checkups, bathing, etc. You can read more information about each on my mare pages that would indicate if the mare has been shown, age, pedigree, etc. All are ANCCE revised except Gentileza, my beautiful SP. Hipolita and Flama are not listed as have had foaling complications.

Destinada: $25,000 in foal- grey, tall offspring. Desti is bred to Gitano for a fall, 2015 foal and is the only one of the mares that could go to a new home sooner--if before too hot to transport. Was IALHA National Champion 2 & under PRE filly.

Gentileza: $15,000 in foal--her foals are huge and beautiful movers..

Niza: $28,000 in foal to Kairo (since Gitano's daughter) Can throw black or bay--her first two offspring have been stunning. Was IALHA national champion pre 2 & under filly and winner of 2 year old class and best young female at Ancce show as 2 year old.

Otamisia: $30,000 in foal to Kairo (also Gitano daughter) - will always throw black with Kairo-neither has any markings. Got high marks on revision score from ANCCE.

Prisca: $25,000 in foal, can throw black, bay or grey. Possibly best mover I have ever had and 16.3 hands

As many of you know, I have gone from at one time having 25 producing mares down to 8 and I hope this indicates that the remaining mares are the best of the best I've produced over the years. All of them were born here and other than showing, never off the property in our care. I realize these are not "fire sale" prices and there are many less expensive horses out there. But these prices, I believe, are quite reasonable for horses of the quality these are.

I have lowered prices on the remaining weanlings as obviously, I would rather sell the youngsters than my precious broodmares.

Pure Spanish and Pure Spanish-Portuguese Mares

Destinada DD - for sale
Pure Spanish grey filly by Remate out of Keberes D, Donna DeYoung's amazing mare. Donna was kind enough to entrust her phenomenal mare to live here for a few years and I have now bred her mare several times and know her well and admire her.  Read More ...
picture of andalusian mare picture of andalusian mare

Flama H
Rose grey 4/29/01 mare by my Hereje and out of Incauta TG. I sold this Andalusian mare as a weanling and her owner sent her back to me in the winter of 2004 for breeding ... Read More ...

Gentiliza H - for sale
Grey Spanish Portuguese mare who was the last daughter of my cherished Ingenua TG and by Remate. It may be a crime to have bred this Andalusian mare rather than allowed her a halter career.  Read More ...
 picture of andalusian mare picture of andalusian mare 

Hipolita H
Pure Spanish Andalusian grey filly by Remate and out of Ibiza. This elegant mare is a full sister to our Galisteo H (and Isabelina H) and so stately and tall and balanced but the most outstanding quality is her charming.  Read More ...
 andalusian mare andalusian mare andalusian mare

Kisia H (visiting mare)
Kisia is the daughter of Gitano so carries his magnificent lines including Corsario, National Stallion champion of Mexico and Atlantico, National Champion Stallion in Spain ... Read more.

Lisa AK
Lisa joined us as another perfect match for Kairo for our customers looking for solid black foals ...  Read More ...

Niza H - for sale
If I were any prouder of the result of my breeding of this filly, I would burst! Great-great-granddaughter of Dadivoso, granddaughter of Incauta and Hereje, daughter of Flama and by Gitano ... Read More.
 Niza andalusian mare andalusian mare 

Otamisia H - for sale
In March, 2014, Ota had her first foal, who was also Kairo's first foal, an absolutely enchanting colt - pure black ... Read More ... 
Andalusian mare Andalusian mare Andalusian mare

Prisca H - for sale
Her pedigree is chalked full of champion horses, imports and superstars, especially in the movement department, and therefore it is no surprise that she is one of the most lofty, forward and dynamic movers I have ever witnessed ...  Read More ...

Pure Spanish, solid bay 16.1 hand mare. ...  Read More ...

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