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In-Utero Foals for Sale - Several due right now and more in the future
The perfect solution for affording your personalized Andalusian!  ... More information ...

Tamarinda H
DNA tested black filly. Granddaughter of our Wanapum (see sale page), great granddaughter of Daniella (IALHA National Grand Champion, Best Movement) and great granddaughter of Indiano, champion of movement internationally,  so has movement in her genetics ... more information ... $16,000 

Tosca H
Pure spanish bay filly by Gitano Mor out of Isabelina H .... more information ...$7,000

Traviata H
Filly out of Gentileza and by Gitano.  This is the fourth of this cross which never fails to produce a lovely foal - leggy and beautiful necks.... more information ... $8,000.

Triunfante H
Solid black (no markings) PRE Andalusian pure Spanish colt .... one of the finest colts ever born here ... more information ...$12,500.

Umbro H
Black pure Spanish colt! Lovely neck and looks like quality for show, dressage or to be breeding stallion ... more information. $12,500.

Ursulina H
The 5th filly of the magic cross of Flama (Hereje daughter) and Gitano. We feel that that may be the most beautiful of all!  ... more information. $10,000. 

Pure Spanish Andalusian gelding. Ready to head to home where his beautiful movement and athletic talent can be enjoyed.   $28,000..... more information ...
 Wanapum Wanapum

Additional Horses Available
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