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An Update from Terri:

Some of you may know that at the end of December, 2016, I had a very serious infection and I ended up a paraplegic. After months in hospitals and rehab, I am back home. I am thankful for all the people that have written with their thoughts and well wishes. For those that are worried, I wanted to post a photo taken September, 2017 by my generous friend and fabulous photographer, Kristi D. Johnson, to demonstrate that though in a different way now, I still very much enjoy my horses. This is Gitano daughter, Brianna with her Kairo son, Fenix. (continued below)

When I was headed home, I was grateful to have my big electric wheelchair, but concerned that the horses would be afraid of it since it looks rather alien and makes funny beeping noises . But as you can see, this wonderful breed is friendlier than they ever are afraid!

Although I enjoy every moment outside, due to my situation, I cannot afford enough help for poor my trainer, Valente, who now performs his overly demanding job, plus also does what I used to do in my 8 hour farm/horse work days. Also, I have an enormous amount of medical expense and have found the horse sale market to be slower than in the past due to the huge increase in numbers of PRE horses. Therefore, I have decreased the prices on most of the sale horses and am willing to consider any reasonable offers on any of the mares. The mare page will indicate if bred and to whom or please see the in utero page. Feel free to email me if you would like any other information. More details are also outlined on my sale page. If I sell enough to get financially caught up, the prices may change at any time or some mares will no longer be available. To give up even one of my mares is a heartbreak and I cannot decide which to sell or not sell so I am offering them all and letting the market decide who stays and who goes. I do not, however, intend to sell everyone and stop breeding and therefore do not have either of my two breeding stallions for sale. The last year has been tough, but still feel so terribly fortunate to be able to enjoy however many horses I can keep.

Terri Meador, September 13, 2017.

About Herradura:

For 25 years, I have been adoring and living with my Andalusian horses here in Denton, Texas. I was very fortunate to discover the magic of this breed and acquire horses closely descended from Spanish imports. Since then, over 400 horses have left a mark on my life—either that I have owned, bred, sold or boarded. Just as amazingly, I cannot count the number of very close friends who have come into my life because of coming to meet my horses.

I bred and have raised all of my current mares. I mostly bought very young colts to cross with “my” lines and am exceedingly lucky that I feel I can compete with my stallions with any PRE’s out there in terms of temperament, bone, size and overall quality. One of my great honors was being voted IALHA “Breeder of the Year” in 2005 and I am proud of the success we’ve had when we’ve been able to show.

We currently stand Gitano Mor and Kairo AK to outside mares, both Spanish and non-Spanish, both live cover and via shipped cooled semen.

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